It really does, ya know...
Dead Pretties (Credit: Lindsay Melbourne)

Dead Pretties have shared their fantastic new single 'Confidence'.

Part of the South London scene that congregates around Brixton's Windmill venue, Dead Pretties are one of the capital's most talked about underground groups.

A seismic live force - well, isn't everyone in South London? - the band's demented onstage routine masks some incredibly potent songwriting.

New single 'Confidence' completely, utterly slays - the bass-line spasms like a raw nerve, the vocal gargles pure venom, while the subtle psych breakdown is deliciously sarcastic.

"He looks like a child," they rant at one point: "But he talks like a soldier!"

Frontman Jacob Slater offers: "The public is being de-intellectualised by certain outlets of the western media, who choose the easy path of reporting on bum implants and racists when they know they have the power to shift the focus of the public eye. The worrying thing is because the general public on such a regular basis consumes it; people have become addicted to wanting to know more about the Kardashians of the World."

"That makes these people powerful role models. I’m opposed to the idea that rattling like a near empty tin should be an example of how to live ones life. People are stupid enough as it is, don't encourage them."

Tune in now.

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