'Entertainment' gets re-worked...

Dinosaur Jr. have stepped in to give Phoenix's new single 'Entertainment' a severe overhaul.

Remixes are a pound, a penny - especially in the digital age. Each day, the ClashMusic Inbox is flooded with mp3s which - in all honesty - tend to focus on the same dubstep, trap, new breed house template.

Which is why it's nice to find something different. Phoenix are gearing up for their return, with new album 'Bankrupt!' set to be released this Spring. Lead single 'Entertainment' has already been given its introduction, and the French group have lined up a number of remixes.

So they chose Dinosaur Jr. - obviously. Phoenix lead singer Thomas Mars commented, "My brother David took me to see Dinosaur Jr. live in Paris around the time when [1991's] Green Mind was released… I have been a fan since then."

Listen to it below. (via SPIN)