“Goa… it’s a lifestyle”
Goa Trance in Basel

Just like the burgeoning grime scene in Japan has shown us, genres can quite easily traverse borders these days. There’s a few examples we could reel off, but one that you might not be so familiar with is in Basel, the sleepy Swiss city that has embraced the sound of an Indian coastal region: Goa Trance.

It’s not just the hard basslines, sky high BPMs and dizzying rhythms of the famous party hotspot that they’ve adopted, either, but the psychedelic decorations and clothing that reinforces this sense of dance tribalism.

It’s a scene that THUMP has decided to delve into, getting in touch with the DJs and producers who are making it all happen. In a new documentary as part of their Night Visions series, made possible by Lynx, they head to the heart of the movement to examine what’s going on.

Peep the mini-doc below.


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