It's about unpicking gender roles...

Rising pop force dodie has shared new single 'Boys Like You' - tune in now.

Each new release from the songwriter seems to go viral, with her golden touch infused with fresh innovation.

dodie flies out to the United States this week for a flurry of huge shows, and she's decided to celebrate this with a brand new release.

'Boys Like You' is out now, and it finds dodie unpicking gender roles and opening out a relationship for a more healthy balance.

The song has been in the works for some time, with the UK artist continually asking fresh questions. She explains...

“I wrote ‘Boys Like You’ in two parts, the verses and chorus I wrote when I was enjoying exploring the game in the power play of a potentially unhealthy dynamic. The lyrics in those I feel are more understanding and light; “can’t you tell, I love a liar” - but as I came to write the bridge I wanted to bring forward some of the heaviness and question why so many people fall into these addictive roles; “why aim to be crushed, dear?”

The video for 'Boys Like You' was shot alongside frequent collaborator Cambria Bailey-Jones and it opens with dodie crouching in the shadows.

The singer says: “We were really interested in exploring how complicated control and power can be in these types of addictive, quite unhealthy, relationships. We wanted to play with how this control can fluctuate, and dance ended up being a really great way of exploring these subtle shifts in power. dodie loses a lot of her control over the movement throughout the song, but the dance gave us the chance to play with these micro shifts in power within the relationship too.”

“I think, to me, it was very important to stress how universal this story is. dodie and the man are both playing these sorts of gendered roles they’ve learnt from an early age, and that they’re both doing damage to themselves in the process of fulfilling different unhealthy needs.”

Watch the video now.

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