'Nothing Was The Same' draws near...
Hudson Mohawke

Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke is set to provide production on Drake's new album 'Nothing Was The Same'.

Hudson Mohawke's infiltration of the upper echelons of R&B seems to know no bounds. The Scottish producer supplied beats for 'Watch The Throne' and the adulation of Jay-Z and Kanye West seems to have propelled him into the big leagues.

Spending the past 12 months focussing on TNGHT (and it's attendant live show) Hudson Mohawke is now set to appear on a flurry of new releases.

Rolling Stone rounded up the Autumn's most exciting albums, and dropped a few details about Drake's forthcoming effort. 'Nothing Was The Same' is set to feature Jay-Z and Drake's Young Money cohort Lil Wayne, while HudMo was mentioned as a guest producer.

FACT reported the news tip, and Hudson Mohawke promptly re-posted the link which is as good a confirmation as you're going to get.

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