There's a hidden Paul McCartney reference inside...

Alt-pop free-thinker Eaves Wilder has shared her new song 'Man, We Was Lonely'.

The track began life as a demo she recorded a few years back, when she was still an unknown teenager.

There's a hidden Paul McCartney reference, too, with Eaves nabbing the title from a 'McCartney I' album cut.

"I nicked it because I’ve just always loved that phrase," she comments. "Obviously a 'we' can't be alone, and that’s why I think it's clever; because you don't have to be physically alone to be lonely. That's what my lyrics reference: all the different people around you, trying to reach you - but they can't quite get to you."

A playful return that seems to twist inside and out like a double helix, the final edition of 'Man, We Was Lonely' was pieced together by Stephen Street.

Lauded for his work with The Smiths and Blur, he manages to bring Eaves Wilder's vision to life while preserving her curious individuality.

Tune in now.

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