The results are pretty damn cool...
'Soul Mining' - Eddie Argos painting

Art Brut frontman, wit, and all-round force of energy, Eddie Argos isn't afraid to tackle new projects.

His most recent endeavour, though, has certainly caught a fair bit of attention - a keen painting, he aims to craft his own versions of classic album sleeves on a commission basis.

Painting in acrylic, Eddie Argos aims to get a fresh perspective on each album, with the result being a one-off item for fans and customers.

In a note posted online he explains:

Originally I thought that I might refuse to do a few bands Stone Roses, Radiohead etc. But that does not seem in the spirit of the enterprise. So instead what I have decided to do is paint absoloutely any album, but to write a small review of it on the back of the painting. So yeah, you can ask me to paint the Second Coming, or Murmur by REM you just might not like what I write on the back of it.

To ensure the album is from a fresh perspective I will listen to the album I am painting as I am painting it (even the Stone Roses)

The results are pretty great. Check out a version of 'Soul Mining' by The The up top, before checking out a few more examples below.

Want to get involved? Check out the full details HERE.

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