Brizzle producer previews new LP...
Zoon van snooK

Zoon van snooK, aka Bristol's Alec Snook (who now, just to confuse matters, lives in Barcelona), is set to release his second album 'The Bridge Between Life & Death' via Lo Recordings on June 10th.

And ahead of said album's placing on shelves physical and digital alike, Snook has put together this lovely preview minimix, pulling in cuts from across the album and presenting them in a brief but entirely coherent whole.

With previous praise from the likes of, erm, Clash... as well as Dummy, The 405 and a bunch of influential blog-type things, Snook is clearly earning a rather splendid reputation for himself. And if you're new to his sounds, this 'The Bridge...' preview might just flick the right selection of switches.

Of the record, its maker says:

"In 2009 I managed to pull off the big trip: to Iceland. I knew it would be a great opportunity to gather sounds to base an album on. I was able to collect recordings from the centre, port and outskirts of Reykjavik, and the surrounding south-western area. From national parks to canyons, hot springs to glaciers. The glitch rhythms are created from the unintentional background noise, or static, created while capturing these sounds. It's the musical equivalent of blasting meat off the bone with a high-pressure hose: nothing is wasted."

Sounds groovy. (Groovy? It sounds sort of horrific, really, but attractively so.) If you dig what he's doing, get to this corner of the 'net to find out more.

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