Glasgow Band At Work On New Album

Franz Ferdinand were amongst the prize winners at the Tartan Clef awards on Saturday 24th November, and were keen to talk backstage about their plans for a new album. The band revealed their current material sounded “heavy” and “sexy”, before lead singer Alex Kapranos suggested that the next album would look back to their earlier material. The Franz camp are currently listening to such varied delights as afro beat, Turkish psychedelic music (!) and breaking Glasgow bands such as Sexy Kids.

Singer Alex Kapranos revealed the record would signal the reappearance of synthesisers. Whilst the last album – You Could Have It So Much Better – had a unified mood, this time round Kapranos claimed the band “wanted to write with a singles attitude, where each song is something you would listen to in its own right”.

The new album is due out next year. To read our report on the Tartan Clef awards, which featured Idlewild, Biffy Clyro and The Law (amongst others) click here.

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