Collaborations to appear on new album

Goldie has been working with Flying Lotus and Burial on new material.

If drum 'n' bass can be considered to have one truly defining figure, then Goldie has as good an argument as any to fit that role. As part of the Metalheadz crew the producer turned Jungle into a sparse, aggressive force - swapping its sometimes cartoonish energy for a visceral edge.

'The Alchemist: The Best Of Goldie 1992-2012' is set to be released on March 11th, but it seems that the producer is in no mood to look back. Including a new track on the compilation, Goldie has seemingly lined up a series of high profile collaborations.

Chatting to FACT, the producer said he was having a “very busy year” with “some very interesting collaborations – Flying Lotus, Photek, Burial” in the pipeline. “What do I do best?” he asked. “Working with real musicians, that’s it. I’ve kind of reinvented myself in that sense, of going back before 'Timeless'… it feels like something’s great about to happen with my own rebirth.”

Goldie expanded on this slightly during an interview with Billboard, explaining that once 'The Alchemist' is out the way he'll launch the new album. "After that comes (a new) artist album. There’s are a few names being thrown around. 'Pages' is one. That album will deal more with people like Flying Lotus, Burial, Photek, D-Bridge and Total Science."

"We’re also doing a completely notated version of (groundbreaking 1995 LP) 'Timeless' with an 80-piece orchestra and choir, and it’s a different beast. I also have an art show called 'The Lost Tribes' in September which takes my inspiration from around the world and indigenous cultures, and acknowledges where culture comes from today."

No timescale has been set on Goldie's new material.

Photo Credit: Chelone Wolf


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