Flying Lotus to take starring role...
Grand Theft Auto V

Flying Lotus is set to gain a starring role in 'Grand Theft Auto V'.

One of the most acclaimed and successful games franchises around, 'Grand Theft Auto' has turned in-game soundtracks into an art form. Utilising specially curated radio stations, makers Rock Star Games have been able to call on a number of high profile artists.

'Grand Theft Auto V' will be released later this year, and a few moments ago news of the game's soundtrack broke. Rolling Stone have posted an interview with the game's soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich, who revealed that 'Grand Theft Auto V' will contain 240 licensed songs.

The score itself is split three ways - between Tangerine Dream, the Alchemist and Oh No, and Woody Jackson - with each element being triggered by gameplay.

Radio stations include Vinewood Boulevard Radio, which will be hosted by Stephen Pope and Nathan Williams of Wavves, while Blaxploitation actress Pam Grier hosts a soul station, Bootsy Collins helms a boogie-funk station and Kenny Loggins stars on an 'outlaw country' station.

Flying Lotus helms the hip hop station, and was clearly delighted to reveal the news on Twitter. Chatting to fans, the producer revealed that he wanted some "unheard Dilla" for his station, but couldn't gain the necessary license. Continuing, Flying Lotus explained that "I did try and get a new Aphex song. And a new burial track for GTA V. No luck on that tho."

It seems that the project was something of a labour of love. "Everyone wants to know why lovers melt is taking so long" the producer Tweeted. "Well I was realllly busy putting all that together. #GTAV".

'Grand Theft Auto V' is set to be released on September 17th. Clash recently re-visited some of the franchise' finest soundtrack moments - find that feature HERE.

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