"It voices a feeling of having ‘learnt to fall’, rather than taught to succeed..."

Home Counties return with new single 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt'.

The band's playfully acerbic 2020 EP 'Redevelopment' stood out from the pack, and the five-piece aim to kick off the New Year with a bang.

Out now, 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt' is about the emptiness of many modern office jobs, and it pierces the visage of commuter emptiness.

It's all-too-timely, with many of us beginning to re-examine exactly what it is we would like out of our chosen mode of employment.

An art-pop wriggler that blends jerky post-punk rhythms with synth spasms, 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt' has been allowed to evolve from live performance to live performance.

Singer Will Harrison explains that ’White Shirt / Clean Shirt’ "looks at the less aspirational, and more universal reality of office work..."

He says: "It voices that feeling of losing your sense of self and place as you go into work, dressed uniformly in a Next suit, in an indistinguishable space, staring at another spreadsheet. It’s also got a bit of a ‘how did I get here?’ sentiment, being at work thinking about what more aspirational (or more expensively educated) people might be doing. Ultimately, it voices a feeling of having ‘learnt to fall’, rather than taught to succeed - sinking into the safety net of unfulfilling white collar work."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Naz Stone

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