He didn't like James Blake much, either...
Jake Bugg

Nottingham retro-rocker Jake Bugg's got a look that he sports on the regular - a sort of vaguely interested, but mostly detatched expression that, to the newcomer, can give the impression that the talented teenager is a little tipsy a lot of the time.

Don't take our word for it - there's proof enough in this photo tweeted by 6 Music's Radcliffe and Maconie show just the other day. "He always looks like that," remarked one Clash staffer when shown the shot. Blue Steel it isn't.

But trust us: he's not pickled. Honestly. He's a consummate professional is Jake. If he wasn't, how would he have earned a 9/10 Clash review for his new album, 'Shangri La'? (Read that review right here.)

The man certainly was drunk at the recent Mercury Prize ceremony, though - Gigwise reports (via the BBC) that Bugg was so lost in boozy escape that he was glad, indeed, that he didn't win the annual prize - £20,000 and a healthy sales boost - for his eponymous debut LP (Clash review). 

"I was quite pleased I didn't win... because I was quite drunk and didn't want to go on that stage and make a speech," said the singer. Fair enough. But what of this year's winner, James Blake?

Says Bugg: "I didn't particularly enjoy his [Mercury] performance, but I could see that he's talented." And that's your sticker quote for the follow-up to 'Overgrown' (Clash review) right there, Jimmy.

Is this news? It's Friday, go figure.

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