"Soccer needs repair."

Julian Casablancas isn't impressed with England player Raheem Sterling.

The Strokes singer watched the England versus Denmark game last night, a match decided by a controversial penalty.

Raheem Sterling's burst in the box ended in a fall, with the referee pointing to the spot for an England penalty.

Julian wasn't too impressed, though, and spoke out on Instagram: "Soccer is such bullshit..."

"I don't even care about outcome," he writes, "but soccer is a disgrace. It's an ACTING CONTEST. Whoever dives in the box best, wins close games."

Referring to VAR, he says: "what's the point of review if they spend 7 seconds??"

Decrying French player Griezmann for similar actions, Julian Casablancas then calls out Raheem Sterling, saying he "WAS my favorite player in this game, but man....(his left foot is the interesting part of the acting job fall - left leg stops to make body fall believably)".

Ending the message, he writes: "Soccer needs repair".

It's not all bad news for Raheem, though - fellow Brit Dev Hynes jumped into the comment section: "He was pushed by the player coming in on the left at the same time..."

Here's the post.


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