It's about the first rush of attraction...

KWAYE tends to wear his heart on his sleeve.

The Zimbabwe-born vocalist just released new EP 'Solar', and it's a lush piece modern soul with some serious lyrical flair.

New cut 'Sweetest Life' is a superb piece of soul music, matching vocal flamboyance against those uplifting piano chords that nod towards Chicago house.

Highly evocative, it sits somewhere between the classicism of Marvin Gaye and the neo-soul overtures of Erykah Badu - and that's not bad thing.

A song informed by the first rush of attraction, KWAYE explains: “The allure of love is that it is beautifully uncertain. ‘Sweetest Life’ captures the excitement and spontaneity of love in its purest form. The song symbolises an outward expression of those good vibrations that are made great when shared.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Joya Berrow

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