It's a collective of rarities and exclusive recordings...

Bo Ningen occupy a one-of-a-kind aural universe.

Crunching heavyweight psychedelics, they've long since blasted open a pathway to extra-dimensional consciousness, leaving other groups trailing their wake.

A mighty live force, Bo Ningen recently signed to Alcopop! Records, with new album 'Sudden Fictions' due on June 26th.

Kohhei Matsuda comments on the new material...

“Miles Davis’ organ tone cluster; variations of themes; connecting Bach and African music through the expansion of counterpoint thinking; one line of guitar contains a whole history, like fractal patterns; the horizontal-ness of blues music; brutal mathematical manipulation of signal—that’s how a ring modulator works; artist Paul Klee’s articulation of lines…”

Alongside this, Clash is able to share a clutch of live recordings, emblematic of the seismic power Bo Ningen are able to conjure.

Cast over a number of years, it's a sonic hex, moving from whispered intensity through to all out psychedelic roar.

Matsuda adds: "Selected memories from the sonic assault across the UK, EU and Japan. Brutal, raw yet solid as ever live documentation from our extensive Line The Wall tour. Through those memories of dim, sweaty small clubs in London, Berlin, Tokyo and other places, the frequencies that once-existed emerge in their freshest form again."

Tune in below.

Catch Bo Ningen on Bandcamp for further rarities.

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