London producer steps up...

London producer Deadboy has posted a new 42 mix Hallowe'en themed mix online - stream it below.

Hallowe'en is always an excuse for a great party, with DJs across the globe getting into the swing of things. Already today Clash have posted a mix from Diplo (alongside a few pals) focussing on the darker side of UK Bass and Stateside hip hop.

Now Deadboy has stepped into the fray. With a name like that, the Numbers affiliated producer was never going to let October 31st pass him by and the beat-smith has supplied a dexterous 42 minute journey through the dark side.

Grabbed from the Numbers Facebook page, the mix seemingly features "the dystopian nightmare where heavily bearded disco svengalis, codeine addled rappers and unbalanced london grime producers are stalking you on the night bus home."

There's no tracklisting, but then - do you really want us to spoil the surprise?


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