Scary shit.

Diplo has invited a few friends into the studio to craft a lengthy Hallowe'en themed mix for Radio 1.

It's Hallowe'en! For some, an excuse for overly commercialised American-isms to further incroach upon the British way of life. For others, an excuse to get tanked up, dressed up and head out on the town. You must choose, you must choose...

Thankfully, no matter which side of the divide you fall on Hallowe'en comes equipped with a killer soundtrack. Diplo recently launched a regular show on Radio 1, and recently invited a number of guests into the studio for a spooky mix.

Refusing to be hemmed in by the usual 'Thriller' routine, the crew instead opt for shadowy elements of UK Bass and noir tinged hip hop. System D 128 are on hand to provide assistance, throwing in everything from Three 6 Mafia to Can.

Listen to it below.


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