Berlin based desert funk...

Jamila & The Other Heroes are an inspiration.

Based in Berlin the band are true citizens of the world, with their emphatically exuberant desert funk inspiring all who come across it.

Refusing to sit in the shadows, Jamila & The Other Heroes have a simple motto: "All of us can be heroes! Let’s discover our superpowers and make the world a better place."

New single 'Aliens In My Bed' is a terrific return, with that emboldened beat pushing the band to the next level.

The song emerged directly from their inspirational live shows, and it's a fresh take on the inequalities of modern life.

Singer Jamila Al-Yousef tells Clash: "We had just performed at Fusion Festival, followed by a discussion about love in times of capitalism. Quite agitated about the ephemerality of love affairs, I created the melody and lyrics under a long post-festival-rush shower in the woods."

"I had to sing it to myself many times before going to sleep in order to not forget it, because I lost my phone in the festival and could not take a sound memory. Luckily, I remembered everything the morning after and brought it to the band to build the whole arrangement including a Middle Eastern influenced guitar riff by Leon Sánchez."

It's a retro-futurist explosion, with Jamila & Other Heroes being let loose in a top Berlin studio. She continues:

"'Aliens In My Bed' was recorded on a 16 track Otari tape machine at Big Snuff Studio Berlin, using analogue equipment only, such as the Telefunken Echomixer from the 60s for voice effects. Leon also wrote a speech in the perspective of the alien lovers from outer space, created through tape delay of a Lesley Box. The song is played in a solid rock style that had influenced our youth."

Tune in now.

'Sit El Kon (The Grandmother of the Universe)' on January 31st - order LINK.

Photo Credit: Carolin Saage

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