A superbly chilled meeting of minds...

King Henry and Rhye partner on new cut 'Moment' - tune in now.

LA based King Henry is currently gearing up to the release of his new EP, with each new cut seeming to underline his stunning talent.

Rhye contributes to 'Moment', a wonderful collaboration that matches the cool LA breeze to something rather poignant.

Sonically blissful yet with a slight sting in the tail, there's a feeling that the 'Moment' simply isn't meant to last.

King Henry explains: “I was introduced to Mike (Rhye) after I saw him at Coachella 2016, which is embarrassingly the first time heard his music. Needless to say his performance blew me away and I became an immediate fan.”

“We got together for a coffee, hit it off right away, and started making music. We spent the next few months making a couple songs together, one of which was 'Moment'. The other will probably release on his album later on. He's one of the most incredibly talented musicians I've ever gotten to work with. The way he thinks about constructing songs and the details he puts into each and every one of his one is unlike anyone I've ever met.”

Tune in now.

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