'Cali' gets re-worked...

Luke Abbott has stepped in to remix Ride's 'Cali'.

The shoegaze legends returned with new album 'Weather Diaries' earlier this year, a record that found the Oxford band re-capturing the fires of old.

Album highlight 'Cali' has been re-worked by Luke Abbott, a pared down, bleep-heavy remix that sluices together new influences to craft fresh, electronic psychedelia.

Check it out now.

The original version of 'Cali' has received a full video, and it's a vivid watch. Director Niall Trask explains: “The video orbits around a bond and passing of time shared by two surfers, Harry & Melodie. I wanted to encapsulate the essence of the song’s story by showing the tender moments of love and connection both in and out of the waves. Much of Ride’s art direction in the past has been wave and surf themed, and for this song in particular it felt right to revisit this theme with a fresh approach.”

Tune in now.

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