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Paul Banks

Paul Banks is streaming his new solo album 'Banks' as a YouTube playlist - listen to it below.

Paul Banks has always maintained a solo career, it's just that he's been a little quieter about it than most. Taking away from Interpol, the guitarist released his debut LP through Matador under the Julian Plenti banner back in 2010.

Deciding to use his own name this time round, Paul Banks recently sealed off sessions on 'Banks'. Set to be released on October 22nd, the album has been placed on YouTube as a playlist.

Available to stream in its entirety, you can dig in below.

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Paul Banks recently sat down with ClashMusic to muse on the making of his solo album. “If you have a vision for what you want from a song there’s always compromise if it becomes collaborative” he said.

“For me, it’s incredible – bands make music which no solo artist can ever make because of that compromise, because of those conflicting energies. It’ll never be the same deal because bands are magic and I think solo endeavours – that’s the total expression of one artist. But a band, there’s the magic of collaboration which is very special”.

Read the full feature HERE.


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