On a re-worked version of 'Trying To Be Cool'

Phoenix and R. Kelly's collaboration 'Trying To Be Cool' has hit the web - listen to it below.

It began with a spur of the moment suggestion. Phoenix spoke to R. Kelly and asked the R&B icon to appear with them onstage at Coachella. Chatting to Radio.com afterwards, guitarist Laurent Brancowitz was asked if a collaboration could be in the works.

Cryptically, the musician replied: "Yeah, maybe. Maybe (Lifts sunglasses and winks). Maybe. Maybe soon you will know. Maybe." As it turns out, he wasn't joking. R. Kelly appears on a re-worked version of 'Trying To Be Cool' which hit the web a few moments ago.

It's an intriguing remix - sure, it doesn't stray a million miles from the original but, y'know... it's got R. Kelly on it.

Listen to it below.

Could Phoenix reciprocate the favour and appear on the next instalment of 'Trapped In The Closet'? Fingers crossed.

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