Delicate, fragile electronics...
Zoon van snooK

Isan has stepped in to remix Zoon van snooK's track 'The Verge Of Winter'.

Zoon van snooK isn't the most common name, but - if you think about it - it's fairly unforgettable. Both entirely anonymous and able to stand out on a release sheet, zoon van Snook's music is every bit bit as unusual as his moniker.

Loosely based in Barcelona, the producer recently travelled to the colder climes of Iceland and Bristol to work on his second full length. Folk textures with a fragmented sense of electronics, ‘The Bridge Between Life & Death' is worthy of comparison to the likes of Four Tet's breakthrough album 'Rounds'. 

Stripped from the album, new single 'The Verge of Winter' is a good stopping off point. Meditative without losing sight of the outside world, introspective without falling into melancholy it's a track with a rare inner peace - an electronic sanctum from an increasingly noisy world.

To compliment the studio version, Zoon van snooK commissioned a number of special remixes. Here's a quote from the producer to outline his reasons: "The first single includes remixes from isan, whose music I’ve known intimately for many years and whose remix of múm I included on a special hour-long Icelandic mix for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio; and Sir Doufus Styles, whose work with Flaming Lips, Neon Neon and Cate Le Bon render him over-qualified, but who was chosen more specifically on the back of his remix of Super Furry Animals’ ‘Slowlife’ – not only my favourite band, but my favourite song of theirs."

As a special preview, ClashMusic have grabbed the Isan remix. In keeping with the original, the new version is all flecked texture, light and shade - delicately pieced together yet executed with a rare sense of inner strength.

Listen to it below.

'The Verge of Winter' is out on April 15th, with ‘The Bridge Between Life & Death' set to follow on May 20th.


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