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Little Simz

Little Simz remains a puzzle.

Lauded in the United States, the rapper makes some of the most unique, personal music to emerge from these isles in some time.

Yet she remains at best under-rated in her homeland. New album 'Stillness In Wonderland' is out now, so Simz agreed to stop by Julie Adenuga's show on Beats1.

Due to be broadcast tonight (December 20th) the show features a wide-ranging interview, including a segment in which the rapper muses on the UK, and UK music.

"My issue is… I’ve just always felt secluded and almost isolated. But not in a way that’s like, “ahh I’m here on my own.” It’s cool, it is what it is, but I think people have this thing where like if they don’t contribute to the narrative they don’t wanna be a part of the story. And for me that’s like just silly."

"You see someone come from the same circumstances or the same situations as yourself and a young woman of colour at that, trying to do something good and to do something positive, and you choose to turn a blind eye to it. It’s just like, “are we not supposed to all have each other?” And especially when the support is so great with other people and they get backed 100%. But it’s not something that I openly want to be like, “ahh no-one supports me” you know what I’m saying?… I know where my support lies and I try and focus my energy on that."

Elsewhere, Little Simz also discussed her collaboration with Kehlani.

"I met Kehlani maybe like three years ago at SXSW in Austin. And I was doing a show and she came and she ran in and we exchanged numbers and then from there we just was cool, it was never even about music - we just built a friendship on some human to human… I was gonna say the “s” word but… One day she just hit me, she Facetimed me and was like, “Ahh I’ve got this song” and I was like, “Sick! Send it, I’m going to the studio tomorrow, I’ll lay it.” Sent it back the next day. We released it. And she came and we shot the video…"

"I think her story for a start is a story that needs to be told and I feel she’s one of the most important voices of our generation and with that comes great responsibility and I think just the way she carries herself, you know, as a young woman is something that I think young women need to see. She’s mad witty like she’s so funny…"

Julie Adenuga's Beats1 show starts tonight (December 20th) at 8pm.

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