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Matt Berry

EDIT! Our premiere of 'Medicine' has had to move to next week. In the meantime, here's an acoustic version of the song instead.

Clash is pleased to reveal that our next live Twitter Q&A will be with musician, actor, comedian and all-round legend, Matt Berry.

It's easy to think of Berry as 'just' a comedy performer - his role in successful series The IT Crowd, as boss-man Douglas Reynholm, has seen him award-nominated and beamed into the living rooms of millions. He's also appeared in (and written for) shows such as The Mighty Boosh, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (a personal favourite, if we might be so bold) and Monkey Trousers.

But Berry's been exploring musical avenues for several years. His debut album, 'Jackpot', was released back in 1995. He achieved wider recognition for his musical exploits with 2009's 'Witchhazel', issued on the Acid Jazz label - the set featured a certain ex-Beatle, who's not known for his drumming, on guest vocals. And yes, we realise to some that might suggest Ringo. You're all terribly mean.

Between debut and 'Witchhazel' came 'Opium', a self-released album of 2008; and now, Berry is set to release his fourth long-player, 'Kill The Wolf'. 

'Kill The Wolf' is released on June 17th, again through Acid Jazz, and comes complete with an impressive array of contributing talent. Sharing in the visions of Berry - and believe us, the man is capable indeed of a flight or two of spectacular fancy - are Everything Everything's James Robert Shaw, The Shins' Eric Johnson, and former Bluetones frontman (and Berry touring partner) Mark Morris.

Berry says the 'Kill The Wolf' is about his interest in "the devil and the saint inside us all, and how hard we try to let the best man win, whomever you may consider that to be". Mixing pure pop hooks with a sort of fried-folk sensibility, it's a singularly British collection that really couldn't call any shores but our own home. There's something in the water, perhaps. Gin, maybe.

Clash is pleased to premiere the video for 'Medicine', from 'Kill The Wolf', above. (EDIT! It's an acoustic version - we'll run the proper video next week.) And that's not all...

On Monday, June 10th, Clash will be sitting down with Berry for our next live Twitter Q&A. Which means, in a nutshell: you can tweet Clash any question you like for Berry - be it about music, his various film roles, telly work, jokes, delicious cakes, the best way to shoehorn references to defunct '80s cartoons into pub conversations... We don't know, let your imaginations run riot (safely).

You can tweet us at the time of our interview - which is 1pm, 13:00 hours; or around lunchtime, if you like - or ahead of our time together. Just be sure to include the hashtag #askmatt on your tweets to our account, which is @clash_music.

Again, you can do that on Monday June 10th, or ahead of our interview, as we'll take the best questions to Matt, to get the proverbial ball rolling. And then, you can witness the Q&A play out in real time on the Clash Twitter account - again, that's @clash_music - from 1pm. #askmatt FTW!

Maybe we'll see to it that the best question - or, rather, he or she that asks the best question - gets a prize of sorts. A toenail clipping. A bead of sweat. Or something more useful, even. Like a deluxe version of the album, details on which can be found here.

Get those questions in, chop chop...!

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