And George Galloway, and Sadiq Khan...

Morrissey's liberal-baiting tendencies are well-known, and they appear to have come to the fore again in a new interview.

The singer takes part in an email Q&A, and is asked a broad range of questions veering from set lists on his Australian tour to his thoughts on Miley Cyrus covering 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'.

Naturally, the conversation drifted into politics. Discussing the American Presidential nominations, Morrissey said:

“It’s a mistake to ever expect American politics to make sense. They are obviously rigged. People will now vote for Thump in order to stop Clinton, or they will vote for Clinton to stop Thump, which means that people only vote in order to stop someone who is bad, but they do not vote for someone because they are good. Bernie Sanders was America’s only chance for positive change, but he was dismissed by the media and although his success story was extraordinary he was not what the establishment wanted because he is not a billionaire and he is not a warmonger.”

“It is CNN, really, who decide upon the final nominees. For example, each time Bernie won in the primaries the CNN headline would be BAD NIGHT FOR HILLARY, yet when Clinton won, the headline would not mention Bernie, therefore it is planted in everyone’s mind that American politics belongs to Clinton and not to Sanders. Politically, America must remain narrow. It is obvious that America as a whole does not want either Thump or Clinton, and the November announcement of the new President will ​be​ a black cloud across America. ​ Nobody believes any more.”

Later, the conversation touched on British politics. “The BBC now do not give you news, but they give you their opinion, and therefore they give anyone a very hard time if that person does not suit the convenience and prejudices of the established elite. Therefore liberal educators such as George Galloway and Nigel Farage are loathed by the BBC because both men respect equal freedom for all people, and they are not remotely intimidated by the BBC. The Mayor was eventually elected on very few votes, and of course he eats Halal butchered beings, and talks so quickly that people can’t understand him ... and that suits the British media perfectly.”

Check out the full Q&A HERE.

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