"It all seemed too good to be true..."

Nothing with Morrissey is ever simple.

Signing a deal with Capital/Harvest, the iconic singer then delivered new album 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'.

Then the trouble began. Posting online, Morrissey claimed to have been dropped by the label. Capitol/Harvest then hit back, claiming that nothing of the sort had occurred.

Continuing to air his grievances online, Morrissey has now posted a lengthy missive detailing his struggles with the label. "It is quite true that Harvest initially appeared like a saintly beacon of light, and they instantly packed us off to France where we recorded World peace is none of your business. The universe was back in balance, and we all considered this to be the very best Morrissey recording ever, and even the boo-hoo-suck-it-off elements of the press appeared to want to agree. At last I am born. It all seemed too good to be true. It was."

According to Morrissey, a TV ad was created but not used, while the label turned down requests to shoot a video for 'Istanbul' despite heavy radio play.

Continuing to chart the decline of his relationship with Capitol/Harvest, Morrissey then claimed that 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business' could be withdrawn from iTunes while he searches for a new label.

Finishing, the singer admitted that not everyone had been cruel to him - and praised members of the label's team. "Most of the Harvest team are very nice, and I sincerely thank them for trying and caring so much—even if their promotional duties were fully undertaken by the Morrissey audience themselves, whose YouTube videos for World peace is none of your business fully provide the art that the label could not muster. The listeners instantly understood how entertainment could also be art."

Read the full missive HERE.

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