No, really, it happened...

Blow out the torches and put away those pitchforks, for a highly unusual event has occurred...

Morrissey's liberal-baiting tendencies are well known, but perhaps reached their apogee recently when the singer issued an out-of-step statement following the Manchester attacks.

Cue online opprobrium - perhaps justified given the singer's somewhat chequered record on racial harmony.

Fans were left stunned and slack-jawed earlier today, however, when Morrissey posted an actually, almost, sort of reasonable statement.

In it, the one-time Smiths icon states he is against killing animals, slates Theresa May's attempts to re-introduce foxhunting and praises Jeremy Corbyn for his work on animal rights.

Is that the sound of confused fans rummaging through the dustbin to find their long-since deleted Smiths seven inches...?

It might take more than this to win back some, but it's certainly a start.

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