Bold new single 'London's Burning' is online now...

UK artist Poppy Ajudha will release her debut album 'The Power In Us' on March 11th.

The jazz-leaning vocalist has carefully built a stellar catalogue, moving between neo-soul to club tropes while finding riveting expression.

Debut album 'The Power In Us' is out on March 11th, and it follows a packed out show in London's EartH venue.

Typically in-depth, work on the album has taken place over a huge number of sessions, incorporating a raft of special guests.

Poppy comments...

“This album is made up of all the things swimming in my mind, from women’s rights, to the right to cross borders, to the power of young people to inspire and be unafraid to rock the boat in the name of progress. Women don’t have to be just what they are taught to be, there is so much more to us than Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Girlfriends and our relation to men. I want men to engage more heavily in feminism and really see how their defiance against it only holds both women and men back.”

“There are so many boxes we put ourselves in; I want us all to break out of them. We are in an era of so much information and I feel the weight that young people take on because we are the generation bombarded with global politics and a million causes that need fighting for. This calls for better understanding around mental health and a society that nurtures us rather than demands of us everything we have until all that is left is our Demons. Every song on this album touches on these issues because they are all I think about everyday, all I see around me in my friends and my family. I hope it flips a switch in your mind, like it did for mine.”

New song 'London's Burning' is out now, and the potent vocal contains a fire deep within it. The full video was directed by Stone and Spear, with Poppy explaining:

“I wrote this song on the legacy of colonialism and the irony that even when we have taken almost everything from most of the globe, ruining countries and communities throughout history to build our own, we are still so quick to close our doors to those in need, even when it is us who have played the biggest roles in destabilising the countries they come from. It is also a nod to the youth movements desperately trying to change minds and break down stereotypes to create a fairer and more compassionate world.” 

Tune in now.

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