Hugely ambitious, gospel infused songwriting...
Daniel James

Losing a loved one is the worst feeling imaginable.

The finality of grief, feeling cut off from an important part of your life... it's something most don't want to confront. Losing his grandmother, Daniel James chose to channel his feelings via music.

Pouring himself into songcraft, what emerged was a vast swell of emotion, an ambitious spread of sounds and styles. Brave enough to go public, the songwriter quickly found like minds.

People responded to his music, giving him the confidence to go back into the studio, to refine and expand on his ideas. There's a soulful root to Daniel James' work, something which is matched to a love of classic songwriting - think David Bowie, Van Morrison and more.

New EP 'Ain't No Money' is due to be released on July 20th, and Clash is proud to be able to premiere the title cut. Tinged with gospel feeling, there's a rawness, a directness to Daniel James' songwriting which can't be faked.

Subtle artistry, there's an element of testifying, of unleashing pent up feeling here which is quite overwhelming.

Listen to it now.

Photo Credit: Sukan Draw

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