Swedish group hit a rich pop vein...
Dolores Haze

Swedish four-piece Dolores Haze made a colossal impact with their crunching rock sound.

Grunge updated for a 2k17 vision, the band underpinned this fuzzed out bedlam with some tightknit, engagingly powerful songwriting.

But there was always a hint of sugar, something that comes out on their fizzing pop single 'White House'.

The Scandinavian group explain: “We’ve always wanted a baby. If we got to choose among all babies in the world, we would pick a Donald Trump baby because his family is so rich. We will babysit little Donnie in the White House. We will steal his money and his mommy’s clothes, then we invite all our friends to party, and ooups, we forgot we ever had a baby.”

Nim Sundström directs the video, and it's a cheeky satire of the mess the American political system has found itself in - while also giving a nod to issues closer to home.

Tune in now.

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