Taken from his Cassette Store Day release...
His Clancyness

At one point, the cassette seemed like a thing of the past - much like the lazer disc, Sega consoles or the British army invading other countries under a spurious pretext.

However the past decade has witnessed a remarkable comeback. The cassette has fought its way to the forefront, with noise and left field electronic musicians championing the format as a worthwhile means for transmitting their music.

Perhaps it's the object itself which is the trump card: cheap, compact and easy to replicate, the cassette's ability to degrade, for the sound to shift seems to hold the attention of a new breed of artist.

For all these reasons and more, Cassette Store Day is worth championing. Taking place tomorrow (September 7th) countless acts and labels will release special edition cassettes, containing new, exclusive and rare material.

Clash have pieced together a short buyer's guide (September 6th), but first you can feast your eyes and ears on some brand new music.

A Canadian in Bologna, Jonathan Clancy makes music under the name His Clancyness. Enraptured by all manner of psychedelic fragments, the songwriter has decided to piece together a seven track cover compilation for Cassette Store Day. 

Out via Fat Cat Records, Clash are able to stream 'Head Hang Low' before anyone else. Tackling a Julian Cope song, His Clancyness strips away the arrangement to reveal a codeine-slow fug of synths and his wonderfully frail voice.

Listen to it below.

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