Bruised yet beautiful electronics...
Kinlaw artwork

Kinlaw sits outside the UK's big cities, the major hubs for club culture.

Which is perhaps why he sounds to distinct. Raised in Dorset and currently based in Bristol, the electronic artist seems to have the space – physically, mentally, culturally – to fully express himself, to see his ideas through.

'New Palms' arrives on April 27th, it's loosely hip hop in tone. The crunched beats are there, recalling the more outre elements of Low End Theory's stable.

Yet the whispered electronics, the bruised yet beautiful arrangements are all his own. Clash is able to premiere 'Stevie Nicks' and – much like the titular Fleetwood Mac legend – it's a multi-faceted beast.

The kicks and snares are pared down, while explosive bursts of bass billow out from behind smoky flute samples.

Hugely atmospheric, you can tune in below.

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