When two Icelandic projects collide...

Samaris make music that seems to come from the ether, entirely natural yet entirely unexpected.

The Icelandic electronic trio have made a habit of confounding fans, and new album 'Black Lights' is no exception.

Out this summer, the record is the group's first to be sung entirely in English. It's marked by whimsical experimentation, by a desire to push into fresh territories.

New cut 'Wanted 2 Say' is online now, with Clash able to premiere a remix from fellow Icelandic types Gervisykur.

Gervisykur explain:

“Our group are old friends from the same hood who all had solo projects going, but we found out that we all preferred beat making as a collective, bouncing ideas and feeding off each others workflow. So in 2012 we created Gervisykur as a merger of three solo projects. We are signed to Sticky Records, a label based out of Iceland’s oldest coffee shop and hip-hop mecca of Iceland, Prikið. 'Wanted 2 Say' was a fun surprise when we first heard it because it was different from the Samaris sound we were used to. It was a lot more thump. We thought it would be fun to try to reverse it back to that outer-space ambience in our take on it, with Gervisykur characteristics swirled in. So yeah we got the stems, got super frosty and made the remix!”

Check it out below.

'Black Lights' will be released on June 10th.

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