Get yourself discovered!

Crowning Red Stripe's 30 years plus of involvement with UK music, (what would the Notting Hill Carnival be without those white and red cans clasped in every second hand?), the Red Stripe Music Award returns for it's second year and promises to again uncover and nurture the most exciting new talent out there.

This time around the competition has doubled in size with heats taking place around our fair isles at 50 venues from Aberdeen to Truro giving vital exposure to around 150 bands.

And one of them could be you!

Following the regional heats, there will be a grand final held at a top London venue in front of a room of Industry movers and shakers. For the winning act there are slots at two of the UK's festivals (one being The Great Escape) and a tour van to aid your live exploits. What more could a young band ask for?

In this age of multi-globo-corporations co-opting anything they can get their hands on, it's good to see a company with a passion. For Red Stripe that passion is music and even more so getting new music out there and given a fair chance.
Red Stripe works with the venues and bands to promote and give exposure to the shows without any hand holding, meaning the bands still have to show their determination to reach the final and prove how much they want it.

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