Rumours surround shoegaze legends...

Reports are flooding in that Ride could be set to reform.

Suddenly, shoegaze didn't need to be the scene that celebrated itself: a new generation was doing it for them. The noise-rock resurgence has spewed out countless new groups, each in thrall to the legacy of those early pioneers.

The likes of My Bloody Valentine and Loop have reformed, but Oxford group Ride have stubbornly refused to get on the bandwagon. All that could change, though, if new reports are to be believed.

Uncut claims that Ride are to get back together, with a number of dates said to be in the pipeline. The band split in 1996, and since then guitarist Andy Bell has achieved prominence as a guitarist with both Oasis and Beady Eye.

Sadly, Uncut don't name their sources but the various members of Ride have broached the possibility of a re-union at various times. Speaking to renowned shoegaze enthusiast and all round good egg Dom Gourlay last year, Andy Bell seemed to engage the possibility of getting back onstage with Ride.

"Well, never say never. We're good friends now" he revealed. "We get together once a year and just have a few pints and whatever. We're all pretty busy with what we're doing, but personally, it would be a shame if we never got to play those songs one more time."

Watch this space. Find an archive interview with Andy Bell on Clash HERE.

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Or that's what we thought. As it turns out, the source used for the Uncut story was quite old - so old, in fact, that the band had time to deny those initial claims. Sadly, though, not enough time for Uncut to add a denial to the original story - and hence the current confusion. Sadly, Ride remain unreformed...

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