Viral songwriter reveals his debut single...

Sam Ryder has unveiled his debut single 'Whirlwind' in full.

The songwriter lived a full life before he even touched the guitar, living in Hawaii for a while and running a vegan coffee shop.

Uploading covers of his favourite songs to the internet, they quickly went viral, shooting across TikTok in a blizzard of hype.

Everyone from Justin Bieber and Elton John to The Ellen Show caught wind of it, with Sam ending 2020 as the most popular UK artist on TikTok overall.

New single 'Whirlwind' finds Sam Ryder writing his opening chapter, an emotional, refulgent offering that ties his voice to those tremolous guitar notes.

He comments: “To be frustratingly ambiguous about the meaning (I’ll let you make up your own mind) when you're spiralling, up or down, there are forces at work that are beyond your control. In essence, If you ever find yourself swept up in a whirlwind, it might (or might not) be of some comfort to know that where you end up may not be completely up to you...”

Tune in now.

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