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Real name Paul Rose, Scuba is continually in flux.

2012's 'Personality' has been followed by a string of one off releases, as the producer continually tinkers with his live show.

Dropping past London at the weekend for a ferocious show, Scuba has now unveiled plans for his next EP.

The four track 'Phenix 1' EP is forthcoming, while Rose himself popped into Annie Mac's Radio 1 show recently to unveil new cut 'Curious Paradox'.

A tech-heavy house monster, the whole thing is filtered through Scuba's heritage in bass weight.

There's an intense, industrial weight to proceedings - tune in below.

Speaking about the EP, Scuba said: "After 'Triangulation' I made a conscious effort to do the opposite thing that people expected of me... which is obvious in the contrast between that album and the 'Adrenalin' EP, the 'Personality' album and then the 'Talk Torque' and 'Hardbody' singles - those two tracks especially were the furthest I could push that approach. I feel like it’s time to move on now and the Phenix series is quite a large step away from that sound and that approach to things."

'Phenix 1' EP is forthcoming. Tracklisting:

A1 - Throb
A2 - Cyanide
B1 - Time Relentless Time 
B2 - Curious Paradox

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