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Scuba's mind is always wandering.

The producer is one of the most entertaining dance figures on Twitter, holding forth on any topic which crosses his imagination.

Little wonder then, that Scuba's music continually enters new areas. Upcoming EP 'Phenix 1' is another about turn, adding new tech flavours to his bass saturated house fusion.

A four track release, 'Phenix 1' seemingly focusses on mood and atmosphere in addition to the beat, the sound itself.

Scuba explains: "There's still a strong dance floor element to it all but with a much greater emphasis on mood and atmospherics. There are elements of all the different stages my production work has taken in previously too, but the result is a bit different to all of them".

Piecing together a mini-mix, Scuba has offered fans the biggest preview yet of his new material. Check it out now.

'Phenix 1' is due to be released on April 14th. Tracklisting:

A1 - Throb
A2 - Cyanide
B1 - Time Relentless Time
B2 - Curious Paradox

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