"We don’t like each other..."
Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler has revealed his dislike of Nina Kraviz - claiming "she's kind of a bitch".

2013 has been a year dominated by dance music bitching. The Twitter feeds DJs Complaining rocketed to viral success, simply by virtue of tweeting the most meaningless, petty complaints possible.

Now two of the most high profile figures in electronic music have clashed publicly. Speaking to Thump (via FACT), Seth Troxler was asked about Nina Kraviz' bathtub video - and the infamous furore that followed.

"I never really thought about the Nina thing so much" he explained. "We don’t like each other. She’s kind of a bitch. Like, there’s been occasions where she’s really stressed me out by being such a bitch. One time we were playing together at a festival in France, and I was trying to help her set up the CDJs for her set as I’m still mixing. I asked her to plug the RCA into her CDJ and – I swear to God – she said 'I don’t do that type of thing'. I was like 'What the fuck, you can’t plug an RCA into a CDJ? You’re a DJ! I’m trying to help you out here!' Then she was hopping all over my shoulders and shit as I was playing, and I was like: 'Yo get the fuck off my shoulder, I’m trying to play and you’re stressing me out'. She was really pissed off at me after that."

"Then, the third time, I was playing at my own party in Miami. We were outside with a bunch of our peers and, you know, I’m not a dick, so I went to go shake her hand and say hello. She was like, 'I don’t need to shake hands with clowns like you', so I said 'You’re a fucking cunt!'"

Ouch. Check out Seth Troxler getting naked below.


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