And it's impact on his health...

slowthai has opened up about his experiences with ADHD.

The rapper caused headlines for all the wrong reasons at the NME Awards, before issuing a full statement to fans and - especially - host Katherine Ryan.

Now slowthai has shared a statement in which he opens up about his experiences with ADHD.

“I often laugh when I feel anxious, this awkward laughter only shows how uncomfortable I feel,” he writes. “I’ve always been socially awkward and found it hard to articulate to people how I truly feel, often lie. Sometimes it’s harder to stay quiet than force conversation and it makes my skin crawl.”

slowthai continues: “I build myself up from pieces of other people and when I look in the mirror I shiver ’cause I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s skin.”

Discussing his “need to be loved” the rapper then opened up about his continuing struggle with depression, and suicidal thoughts. He writes: “I think about the end every night. But I’m too afraid to say goodbye...”

“ADHD all I want is your undivided attention. The what ifs. I’m selfish and I never cared for sharing. If I was gone would they remember me and would they hurt as I hurt. I’m trying to learn to confine [confide] in myself cause I can’t explain why I feel these things. Even though I laugh, I ask what’s funny.”

Read the full statement below.

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