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'Dog Man Star'

Pitched as Bright Young Things ready to act as a bulwark against grunge by an increasingly Brit-centric music press, Suede's rise was swift and immediate.

By 1993, though, cracks had begun to show. The relationship between singer Brett Anderson and mercurial guitarist Bernard Butler was deteriorating, resulting in increasingly fractious sessions.

The final album the pair would complete for a decade, 'Dog Man Star' remains an artistic highpoint. Released to outstanding reviews, it's languid, ambitious arrangements were mixed to lyrical content - sex, addition and the threat of modernity - which few groups would touch.

Just in time for the album's 20th anniversary, Suede are set to issue a re-vamped version of 'Dog Man Star'. Out on October 20th, the re-issue will be spread across Blu-Ray DVD, CD, vinyl and cassette formats.

Here's the skinny.

High Fidelity Pure Audio Blu-ray of album and B-sides
2 CDs in mini gatefold sleeve
Cassette of entire album, with original 1994 inlay

July 2013 interviews with Brett Anderson, Bernard Butler, Mat Osman and producer Ed Buller.
Performances on TOTP and The O Zone in 1994
Dog Man Star tour films, Stay Together promo video

We Are The Pigs, The Wild Ones
7" single of NME Flexi disc in original sleeve

· Notes by Brett Anderson
· Photos, handwritten lyrics and recording info SHEET MUSIC BOOK [48pp] with five songs
PLASTIC CARRIER BAG with exclusive design
DMS 20 A2 POSTER 12" x 12" PRINT

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