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Robert Görl

It's difficult to imagine how shocking, how futuristic the music of DAF was in its original incarnation.

The duo centring on Robert Görl and Gabi Delgado, the pair crafted proto-techno jammers with an industrial edge, making and breaking rules as they go along.

After their untimely split in 1982, Robert Görl attempted to relocate to the United States, but an intervention from authorities over visa issues pushed him back to West Germany.

Informed that he was about to be inducted into military service, the electronic musician grabbed whatever kit he could find and bought a one-way ticket to Paris.

Making it to the French capital without having any clear grasp of the language or any form of a friendship group, Robert Görl make a new base for himself northwestern suburbs.

Aiming to stay out of sight until he could no longer be conscripted, he filled his time working on new music, sketching out fresh ideas in a minimal, stripped down fashion.

A new Record Store Day release collected 'The Paris Tapes', a nine-part odyssey that exposes the DNA of electronic music and the origins of club culture in Europe.

Out on April 21st, Erasure's Vince Clarke has stepped in to remix 'Part 1' and the results are genuinely astounding.

A true meeting of minds, the remix combines two maverick spirits who continually sought out fresh ways to make music. S

till a remarkable, invigorating listen, you can check it out below.

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