"What happens next is the important part..."
Thom Yorke

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has once again blasted music streaming service Spotify.

In one fell swoop, Thom Yorke re-ignited a debate which is central to the way in which modern music is consumed. Blasting Spotify over the way in which he perceived them to act towards new artists, the Radiohead frontman placed streaming at the forefront of of any discussion of digital music.

Since then, the singer has been content to take a back seat. Producer Nigel Godrich came out on his side, while Eurythmics songwriter Dave Stewart argued in defence of the service.

Now Thom Yorke has made his thoughts clear in a fresh interview. Speaking with Mexican magazine Sopitas, the singer said: "I feel like as musicians we need to fight the Spotify thing. I feel that in some ways what’s happening in the mainstream is the last gasp of the old industry. Once that does finally die, which it will, something else will happen. But it’s all about how we change the way we listen to music, it’s all about what happens next in terms of technology, in terms of how people talk to each other about music, and a lot of it could be really fucking bad. I don’t subscribe to the whole thing that a lot of people do within the music industry that’s ‘well this is all we’ve got left. we’ll just have to do this.’ I just don’t agree."

Looking back at a previous Radiohead project, the frontman used 'In Rainbows' as an example of what can be achieved by embracing new technology. "When we did the 'In Rainbows' thing what was most exciting was the idea you could have a direct connection between you as a musician and your audience" he said. "You cut all of it out, it’s just that and that. And then all these fuckers get in a way, like Spotify suddenly trying to become the gatekeepers to the whole process".

"We don’t need you to do it. No artists needs you to do it. We can build the shit ourselves, so fuck off. But because they’re using old music, because they’re using the majors… the majors are all over it because they see a way of re-selling all their old stuff for free, make a fortune, and not die. That’s why to me, Spotify the whole thing, is such a massive battle, because it’s about the future of all music. It’s about whether we believe there’s a future in music".

Ending, Thom Yorke stated: "To me this isn’t the mainstream, this is is like the last fart, the last desperate fart of a dying corpse. What happens next is the important part."

Photo Credit: Richard Gray

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