Despite what you might otherwise believe, life on the road isn't all action and glamour.

There's the endless tedium of loading up, followed by extensive soundchecks which involve little more than listening to your roadie shout '1-2' into the mic for half hour. So it's little wonder, then, that Ghostpoet's backing band took to filling the hours by making music.

Pairing off, Christopher Lockington and Florian Sauvaire began sketching out a few new ideas. When the tour came to an end, the musicians sat down together in a studio and started fleshing out those initial sketches, adding new elements, fresh ideas.

Naming themselves Deafkid the pair are now ready to line up their debut single. A double A-side, 'Talk' / 'Pig' shifts between aethereal R&B, boom-bap percussion, analogue synths, found sound and distorted tape loops before finding its own sound.

Take 'Pig'. Opening with crumbling percussive noises, Deafkid seem to build the track from sounds they find around them. Diving into the song, the elastic bass is matched against aquatic synths and vocals which seem to be recorded on decaying tape.

Splicing together elements in a seemingly carefree fashion, 'Pig' eventually drops in gilded African guitar effects before finally succumbing to something which sounds a lot like a pneumatic drill. Essentially a pop song, it's experimental edge is clear to see. 

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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