Woman's Hour
'Don't Speak'

There once was a band called Woman's Hour.

Hailing from Kendal, the group matched undulating synths to gorgeous vocals, tightly constructed songwriting to bold, daring sonics.

Debut album 'Conversations' was an intriguing opening statement, an atmospheric, finely nuanced document that promised a bright, bright future.

Sadly, though, that future didn't quite arrive. The band started work on their second album but the strains of music - both creative and financial - put simply too much weight on their shoulders.

Stepping back, Woman's Hour unofficially retired and went about their business. One makes films. Another helps run a brewery. One even writes for Clash now and again.

The group have reconvened to bring together the recordings destined for their second album, and a full release - titled 'Ephyra' - is incoming.

Woman's Hour comment: “So here we are: a broken home. Proud of what we have crafted together but sensible enough to recognise that all good things must come to an end.”

The first song from the project is now online. 'Don't Speak' opens with graceful, zero gravity electronics, before the song itself is gradually brought into focus, like a photograph slowly revealing itself amidst the red light of a developer's studios.

It's a gorgeous return, something that feels connected to their debut while existing in its own world.

'Don't Speak' arrives with a full video - tune in below.

'Ephya' is incoming - order it HERE.

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