Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown
Comet Gain

London is almost impossibly large, hopelessly huge, implausibly enormous.

Built up over decades, centuries, there are entire areas of the city which have been forgotten, neglected. Indulging on long walks across North London, Comet Gain began uncovering another London, just as true as the postcards but rather less well explored.

Inspired, the band began focussing on a new album - their first since 2011. 'Paperback Ghosts' drops on July 7th via Fortuna POP! and it's an emotive, bittersweet return from the influential group.

Produced with Simon Trought at the helm, the joyously upbeat music is matched by lyrics which often focus on the past, on what has been lost. New cut 'Long After Tonite's Candles Are Blown' is the perfect example of this, with Comet Gain rattling forward at a devil may care pace, while the lyrics focus on the ghosts behind us.

Comet Gain reckon the track "captures a moment in time, old friends together on one of those magic nights that sweep into morning, everyone afraid to leave the dancing and the drinking... all nights merging into this one special romantic night that has to be held onto with sad determination because Heaven is a lie... joyous glorious ghosts seen in the half light, still holding on to each other long after they have died."

Check it out now.

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