Keni is too young to remember the 90s, yet her music lifts tropes from pop's imperial decade left, right, and centre.

Music that dips into the energy unleashed by the Millennium, this 19 year old produces startling rebel-pop anthems.

Take new single 'Proximity'. Out now, it bubbles with Britney circa 2001 energy, with some TLC and Xtina thrown in for good measure.

Lyrically, it comes from a tale of unrequited love, with Keni desperately trying to get close to someone who doesn't know she exists.

She recalls: "I remember just wanting to be as close as I could to this person I didn’t know anything about. I think there is also definitely a fantasy aspect to the song which seems to be a theme with me!"

The video takes Keni into high school, and it references some of those classic Millennial pop hits - including 'Hit Me Baby (One More Time)' naturally.

"The video directed by my right hand girl boss Aerin Moreno takes place in a high school and encompasses all of those hopeless, awkward and honestly sickening crushes that made the day worth it. My best friends and I choreographed an entire dance to this song which also represents the playfulness of the lyrics. You can see us in the videooooo! ‘Proximity’ is one of the most lighthearted and fun songs I’ve ever written. I can’t promise next time, but this time you can dance..."

Tune in now.

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