'Me Vs. The Volcano'

When Maven Grace played Standon Calling last year, they didn't quite anticipate what was to follow.

Headliner Bryan Ferry decided to catch their set, watching from the side of the stage as they unveil their crisp, astute, mature, and incredibly catchy songs.

Suitably impressed, the Roxy Music legend invited Maven Grace to record at his Avonmore Studio, working in a unique space.

At the same time, each musician in Maven Grace went through some serious events in their own life, with singer Mary Douglas-Home going through heartbreak and divorce, while battling to retain self-belief.

All of these experiences come to the fore on new single 'Me Vs. The Volcano', a song that moves through the bruises life can bring while focussing on hope for the future.

“When the worst happens, you need to find the strength to carry on,” she explains. “I was singing to myself more than anyone else, in a way. And there are days when despair wins out. But as a wise friend recently told me, when you let the fairytale die you can start living.”

Tune in now.

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